Combining Two Courses

Abstract: This essay describes an experimental course that combined two upper division undergraduate classes—one in global health and one in digital studies—in an effort to enhance the learning experiences of each. The two fields have resonance since digital studies attends to the close interrelationships among technology, culture, communication and expression across the registers of text, audio, video, and interactivity as they impact large scale literate practices. Alternatively, the field of global health investigates the close interplay between medical, economic, geographic and environmental factors as they impact human health. Both classes were intended for advanced students in their respective fields, but the methods established and the materials created by this project carry wider implications for university level pedagogy. Students constructed media-rich projects in response to themes raised by issues in global health such as pandemics, data analysis, and legal aspects of chronic illnesses. Included here is an overview and links to the media-rich projects created in the course.


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