Map of FEMA trailers.

This site contains student projects created during the spring semester of 2012. The class, supported by an award from the USC Fund for Innovative Undergraduate Education, combined two courses: IML420 New Media for Social Change, and HP470: Case Studies in Global Health in the spring of 2011. The classes were taught by Virginia Kuhn, Associate Director of the Institute for Multimedia Literacy and Assistant Professor in the School of Cinematic Arts, and Heather Wipfli, Associate Director of the Institute for Global Health and Assistant Professor in the Keck School of Medicine respectively, and though the students worked together, the integrity and goals of each course remained in tact. We proceeded on the premise that digital media have the potential to deliver the type of learning needed to prepare for the dynamic interconnected world of global health, even as studying the complexities of global health can illuminate issues surrounding digital literacy.

Please see this page for more detail and the curricular choices we made.